Wednesday, 28 March 2012

It's #GlosBiz Recommend day!

It's #GlosBiz Recommend day here in Gloucetershire! So get out there and recommend the best (and your favourite!) Gloucestershire Businesses today! Don't forget to say why you recommend them.

You can recommend local companies on twitter using the #GlosBiz tag to help people see your recommendation. Include their twitter account if you know it, maybe even a link to their website and of course their company name.

You can also recommend people here on the official #GlosBiz Facebook Page: If you can include links to their business pages.

#GlosBiz is also on google +, you can leave a recommendation for a local business over there too:

Oh and not to forget #GlosBiz on LinkedIn! ->

Of course you can also go direct to people's Facebook, Google+, linkedin , etc pages and recommend them there as well.

Doesn't matter where as long as you get out there and recommend someone! :-D

Keep it local. :-D