Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Lowepro Pro Roller Attaché x50

I recently received the new Lowepro Pro Roller Attaché x50. When I first saw it I had my doubts. At first I thought, my word that's small, will I get all my gear in there? It's a lot bigger than it seems, I can tell ya! And if you need a bit more room for gear you can always take the soft bag out of the roller case and either carry it or slip it over the pulling handle of the other bag.
It's nice and sturdy and has lots of pockets, it even has a pocket for a small 14inch laptop. Sadly my laptop is too large for this, but I don't think I'd want to carry a laptop around with my camera gear anyway. Though if I had a small one I probably would.

My Canon 5D II with 24-70mm 2.8L lens attached, wrist strap and a tripod foot attached fit nicely in the bag along with an extra large lens (or two smaller lenses) a flash gun (or two), triggers and remotes, mini reflectors and colour charts and lots of other bits and bobs all fit nicely in the bag. All the stuff I usually take with me on assignment. I can even squeeze in a back up body with no lens attached.
They have really thought of everything with this bag, though a few tiny pockets for cards and batteries wouldn't go amiss. I really love how it opens up like a drawer with instant access to all your gear. You don't have to hunt for a place to put your bag down or try and fiddle with stuff or worry about your gear falling out. Makes quick lens changes a breeze!
Above is a quick photo I took to show the bag in use on a job. I really love how I can quickly attach a flash gun to the handle and use the bag as a light stand. A light stand with built in counter weight and wheels! It was so easy to move the bag and flash gun around to get the shot I wanted, even quickly wheeled it outside no problem! Of course I had to be careful, I didn't want to knock the flashgun and break it off, but it honestly wasn't any trouble at all to move around with all attached. It's like having an assistant along with you!
This bag is perfect for travelling with. Take the inside bag out and use as a lovely top loading shoulder bag for your gear. It's made to slip over the handle of the outer bag if you happen to need more space. It can also be use as a suit case for your clothes and travel needs. It's suppose to be airline approved for carry on luggage, though I've not actually travelled with it myself. I would think that if the roller bag didn't pass you could take the inner bag out and carry that on and let the roller bag go in the hold. I hope to be travelling with it soon, so I'll let you know. :-)
This bag definitely gets my seal of approval. I've been dragging it around with me everywhere. Really saves my back and keeps all my gear right at my finger tips. It's much much more than a camera bag, it's my new personal assistant. :-)

Below is a little stop motion movie I made with the bag down at the studio yesterday. (Saturday 22, January 2011) I was in a bit of a rush but I wanted to see if I could do it, had the idea swimming around in my head awhile now. I put my camera on a tripod, but my bag in the middle of the infinity cove. Turned on 4 flash heads, aimed two at the background, only using the modelling lights. I didn't set off the flash. I took 144 images moving the bag a bit between takes. Then went home and swore at the computer for a while until I finally managed to put this together.
Can you tell I like this camera bag? :-D

All of the images above including the ones in the video, were taken by myself, TammyLynn. With the exception of the photo taken at Morrisons, all of the photos above were taken at The London Road Studio in Gloucester.

UPDATE: Lowepro have seen my little video and have featured it on their blog! Lowepro Blog link

Lowepro said this on their Facebook and Twitter post about the movie:
You've got to spend 56 seconds to watch this animated film made by TammyLynn featuring a Pro Roller Attache x50. It's fun.


  1. Hi Tammy, your video actually prompted me to get the X50 too. I'm loving it right now. Having a 2-in-1 overnighter bag cum messenger bag is pure genius.

    Just wish that they had designed it a little bigger to fit a pro camera with grip like the EOS1 or the Nikon equivalent. Although it does fit, it is a bit of a squeeze.

    Thanks !

    1. Hi Fotonutzz! Glad to hear! I've still got mine and it's still going strong! I'm quite rough with it sometimes too. I too find it a bit small for my gear but it just does fit. When I need a bit more room I slide a bag over the handle.

      They've got a new line out now, not had a close look at it though. The bag I'm currently drooling over is their new messenger bag which has a special sleeve which slips over the handle of this bag nicely. Sadly don't have the funds for it right now but I'm saving up! :-)


  2. Actually, I'm actually packing in more gear than I normally would with this bag. Prior to this, my main bag was the Thinktank Urban Disguise 35 which is great as i have both the sling bag strap as well as the backpack strap.

    However, lugging around 11kg worth of camera gear is not my idea of a holiday when I go for a holiday.

    I think I can use the messenger bag to store the main bulk of my camera gear and the roller bag to store 3X studio flashes. Still trying to figure out how to squeeze the soft box into the smallish roller bag :D

    Think you can try and order the new bag from US as the VAT in UK is atrocious!

    Personally, I love messenger camera bags as I like the slim profile and allows me to squeeze through a crowd unlike those bulky shoulder bags. That's why I have 5 messenger bags from Crumpler, Tamrac, Nikon, ThinkTank and Lowepro. Guess you probably have more as you're a pro :D

    Take care and hope you'll get your dream bag soon :D


  3. hi,
    could i put inside my 5d with 70-200 f2.8 is II attached?

  4. Hi John, yes you can. It just fits. :-)