Friday, 2 November 2012

Macro Photography- A Workshop

I am currently doing workshops for Calumet Photographic on Macro Photography. Well actually it's on Cheating at Macro Photography. I say cheating because I'm not using expensive specialist equipment. So what am I using? Mostly my everyday ordinary DSLR and current non-macro lenses.

In my workshop I'll show you how to take your ordinary kit lens and get great macro images with it. I'll explain the difference between macro and close up photography and how to achieve both. I'll also talk about some inexpensive gadgets that you can use to make things easier and I'll do a practical demonstration showing you first hand how it all works. You'll even get a chance to have a go with your own camera. Hopefully you'll take home some great macro images which you can show off and be proud of.

I've done this workshop at Calumet Photographic in Bristol and now I'm doing it in London. On Friday 9th of November I'll be at the Calumet Photographic shop on Drummond Street giving two workshops on this. You can book your place by following this link -> Macro Photography Cheat

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Happy Snapping!