Thursday, 23 May 2013

Solstice Walk 21 June 2013

I've joined forces with fellow Stroud Camera Club Members, Annie Blick and Liz Fraser, to raise money for Cotswold Care Hospice this year. We are doing this in memory of a friend, Diane Watkins, who was also a Stroud Camera Club Member.

Cotswold Care Hospice helped Diane and her family in their hour of need and we want to show our thanks. So please help us say thank you by making a small donation and supporting our efforts with this walk.

It's easy to make a donation and sponsor me. Just follow this link -> Tamara's JustGiving Page <- and click on the donate button. It will only take a minute of your time and every little bit really does help.

Thank you!

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Natalie McCool in Stroud

Natalie McCool playing at The Prince Albert Pub in Stroud
Last night was gig night in Stroud at The Prince Albert Pub for Natalie McCool and she didn't disappoint! Most singer/song writer's would play acoustic guitar but Natalie plays electric. Her guitar playing is like on three levels, she was playing base, picking out cords and playing melodies all at the same time and brilliantly I might add while also singing.

Was also great seeing everyone last night! You know who you are! x

Natalie McCool at The Trading Post in Stroud signing her new album. 
This morning she was in Stroud at The Trading Post selling signed copies of her new album, Natalie McCool. We had to go get one of course!

Our copy of Natalie's new album
It's always great seeing Natalie, check out her website for tour dates and news.

In other news...

While we were at The Trading Post getting our signed copy of Natalie's new album I also pick up an album which Simon tracked down and ordered for me. Freeze Frame by the J. Geils Band for my new radio show on Stroud FM. Beyond the Lens! Yes, photography on the radio! It's mostly a talk show but I also play songs which in some way have something to do with photography, like Freeze-Frame and Centerfold. So a big thank you to Simon for tracking this album down for me! x

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Local Radio

Sandrine France-Baker & TammyLynn  on today's SWANS on Stroud FM
Today was Wednesday and that means another SWAN Show! Stroud Women At Noon aired today from Noon to one, as it does every Wednesday. It will soon be up on Listen again, just in case you missed it. :-) There'll be a new blog post over on the Stroud Women At Noon Blog page soon as well. 

Can you guess what these albums have in common? 
Also today I've been working on my next Beyond The Lens show. The next show will be next Tuesday 7th of May. It's a once a month show, so I have plenty of time to work on it.  Last week I order some music albums from Simon at the Trading Post in Stroud and I picked them up today. Thank you Simon! Have you guessed what the three albums have in common yet? Yes, they all have a photography related song on them. And yes I bought the albums just for those songs. :-D

Duran Duran for 'Girls on Film'
Nickelback for 'Photoraph'
Paul Simon for 'Kodachrome'

I'll be playing these songs and others like them on the Beyond the Lens show on Stroud FM of course!

Do keep an eye on the Beyond The Lens Blog for what's coming up on the next show and to participate too!  We want to hear from you!

1. What's your favourite camera & lens combination and why?
2. What are you favourite places in the area to photograph?
3. What's your best photography tip?
4. Share an embarrassing photography moment with us! Go on, don't be shy! :-)

Email your replies (or any questions or suggestions for the show) to:

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,