Thursday, 14 February 2013

Training day at Stroud FM

Sandrine showing us how to use the control panel. 
Today was training day for two new radio presenters at Stroud FM. Beth of Viva Communications and myself met with Sandrine of Stroud FM to learn all about how to run a radio programme. Our new show is to début this April, on Wednesdays at Noon. We haven't defiantly named the show yet but we are toying with "Birds of a Feather". It's going to be an all women run radio hour but it won't be just about women and we hope men will want to listen in too.

The presenter's mike and control panel. 
Our first training day went quite smoothly I think and we learned quite a lot. I for one am not so scared of it all now and I'm looking forward to learning more and pulling together our pilot radio show. It's not just Beth and I running the things though, we've got a team of ladies who are going to help us put on the show and co-present. At the moment we have three presenters, the third being Catherine of WSP Solicitors. We are still working on a forth.

Sandrine showing Beth how to queue up a music track. 
Like I said before the training went really well today and as it turns out Beth is a natural! Our first trial run and Beth kept things hopping, kept the conversation going and worked the controls like she'd been born to do it. There will be no dead air with her around. I hope I can keep up! :-D

Sandrine in action!
If you would like to be a guest on our new show, or you would like to be apart of the show as a supporter or a presenter, drop me an email. We'd love to have you on board!

Beth getting into the groove! 
Exciting times ahead!