Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Badger Encounter

Late last night I went out to photograph the moon. I was out on the sidewalk by the road. I heard a scurrying noise, I looked around and didn't see anything right away. It was kinda spooky but I wasn't really scared; after all I had a large camera an even larger lens and a sturdy tripod in my hands!

The scurrying kept coming and was getting closer quite quickly so I took my eyes away from the moon on the back of my camera and looked around again. This time I saw what was making the noise! It was a badger crossing the road at speed heading straight for me! I looked right at him and said 'Hi Badger'. He stopped in his tracks, looked up and locked eyes with me, thought for a moment, then spun around and headed back across the road in the opposite direction and up my neighbour's drive. I stood there laughing. Wish I'd had a camera recording that!

I think I might have to hang about outside late at night now, to see my new friend. :-)

Here's the photo of the moon that I was taking when Mr Badger came to visit.

This image was taken with a Canon 5D mkIII full framed camera with an old Russian MTO-11CA M42 mount 1000mm mirror lens with a 2x converter making it a 2000mm lens. The above image has not been cropped.

Oh pooh, I just remembered that there was a good chance to see a meteor shower late last night. Another chance tonight, hope I remember! :-D