Tuesday, 27 April 2010

New Baby!

My new baby has arrived!
This is soooo exciting! Let's open the box!
Well it's definitely packed well. Thanks Dave @ LCE Canon Pro shop in Lincoln! :-D
I also a couple extras.
oohhh sexy, I love how the memory card matches the camera box. :-D Let's look in the big box now!
What I see first is my new lens! YaY! Can't wait to try it out. My friend and business partner Damon has this lens and it's supper fast and supper sharp. :-D
All my new toys! Let's open them! :-D
Camera box first...
Quick, charge that battery!!! Excuse me a minute while I go plug it in. ......
OK, now the lens... Ohhh what's that on top?

oohhh it's a lens case! Cool. :-D
YaY! My new toys! Can't wait for battery to get charged! I want to play!
New baby with lens... Battery still charging. Guess I'd better get some work done while I wait. Maybe it will be fully charged by lunch time. :-D

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