Thursday, 24 October 2013

Love Letters to a Raven - Part 1: Lone Star State

In my last blog post I shared some of the images that I took during a recent shoot with Lorca Simons and I hinted at a project we were working on together. Well the project is Lorca's and I'm just helping her bring it to life.

The project is "Love Letters to a Raven" and it's in honor and in memory of Gabrielle Roth.

This is the first part, it's Lorca dancing to Earth Angel by The Penguins. I understand that this song has special meaning for Lorca and her teacher/friend/mentor/mother figure Grabrielle. Here is the video:

We filmed this video in a warehouse on Upper Mills Estate, (Stonehouse, Gloucestershire), with permission from MRG Stystems who currently own the building.

At first we had the idea of her standing in a spotlight, but when we saw this window we knew we had to shoot this in front of this window. There was a really bright light coming in from the window and I did put a spot light on Lorca but the first test shot showed Lorca still mostly in silhouette. We both really liked how it looked so we left it that way. We felt it added atmosphere and a sense of intimacy. I'm glad we left it this way as now as I can't imagine it being any other way.

At the end of the video there are a few photographs from this same location. A few other photographs from this same shoot are in the previous blog post.

I really enjoy working with Lorca and I look forward to working with her again soon. To learn more about Lorca and her work check out her website.

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