Sunday, 4 January 2015

Uke-Can Ukulele Workshop at The Prince Albert

This past weekend (Saturday 3rd September 2015) we attended a ukulele workshop taster at our local pub, The Prince Albert. The ukulele lessons were given by Sarah Kelly of Uke-Can Ukulele Lessons.

Funny thing, everyone seemed to get new ukuleles this Christmas! Except me, and now I want one too!

We were all very excited about the taster lesson up at our local pub and a crowd of us went. Some friends came over to ours and we had a practice session of our own before going up. First to arrive were James & Liz with their daughter Keira. Liz has recently taken up the ukulele.

Little Keira (9) learning a few chords, with her Dad James photobombing in the background.. 
Keira getting a little help from Mum (Liz).
Keira showing Mum what she's learned so far.
Alyssa (my daughter) (AKA Todd) helping Keira with a few chords. 
Alyssa only started playing the ukulele at Christmas when she picked up Peter's new ukulele which he got for his Birthmas. (His birthday is just before Christmas, bless him). She loved it so much that she had to go out and buy herself one!

Peter's son Tim, Tim's fiancée Sarah, and Peter.
The above photo was taken a few days ago while Tim and Sarah were down visiting. Tim and Sarah both are music teachers. Tim is recently interested in the ukulele and went and bought himself a new one while he was visiting. Yep, we are uke mad around here!

Juno, Stephen's puppy. 
Our friend Stephen was next to arrive with his puppy Juno. Stephen also got a ukulele for Christmas and he drove up from Aldbourne, Wiltshire to go with us to this event. I didn't photograph Stephen so I've posted a photo of Juno in his place. :-)

Sarah Kelly's ukulele collection for her lessons.
After a quick lunch of pulled pork that Peter had been cooking all morning, we were off to the Pub for some uke lessons with Sarah Kelly. We were meeting neighbours Martin and Sue there as Sue also plays the ukulele.

Checking out the ukes while waiting for lessons to start.
While we were waiting for lessons to start, Sue from over the road and Peter checked out each other's ukuleles. Sue has a very nice uke, I know because Peter has talked about it several times now. You think that might be a hint?

Sarah Kelly from Uke-Can Ukulele Lessons. 
People who know me know that I'm not very musical, though I do love music. I can't sing or play an instrument, though I have tried both. I had taken my camera along for a bit of photography fun during the lessons but I couldn't resist picking up a Ukulele and joining in. It was a lot of fun and I even learned a few chords! Amazing! Sarah Kelly makes it fun and easy to learn.

Liz and Keira on the left. I'm not sure who was helping who here, but it was nice in either case.
James, Liz, Keira and Martin my neighbour. 
I recorded a video of the crew playing a few lines from 'Three Blind Mice', 'Ring Around the Rosses' & 'Pop Goes the Weasel'. See video below. (It's best to click through and watch on YouTube.)

My husband Peter and my daughter Alyssa (AKA Todd).
Here's a recording of everyone singing and playing 'Rock Around the Clock' on their ukes. A song they'd just learned to play moments ago!

Sarah Kelly
James and Alyssa were asked to lead the group in one more round of 'Rock Around the Clock' in front of the group while everyone played their ukes and I managed to record this too. See video below. (It's best to click through and watch on YouTube)

Martin singing a song with the group playing their ukuleles.
Martin also got up and sang but I forgot what he sang. So sorry. Sadly I did't record it either, he didn't want me too. So I photographed him instead. :-D

Young singer with Alyssa practicing singing and playing 'Frère Jacques'
Next a young boy ( I didn't catch his name) and Alyssa joined forces to play and sing 'Frère Jacques' which they'd just learned to play. Here's a little snippit of that. See video below.  (It's best to click through and watch on YouTube)

Then the group was split into two groups to sing a round of  'Frère Jacques'. See video below.  (It's best to click through and watch on YouTube)

Others got up to preform too. 
And last but not least! Peter and Alyssa had a go at playing and singing 'My Little Ukulele'. This is a song that they'd been practicing by themselves the day before. :-D
See video below.  (It's best to click through and watch on YouTube)

What a fantastic experience! We all had the best time! I can't recommend Sarah Kelly and her Uke-Can Ukulele Lessons enough. She made it all such fun and so easy to learn.

Thank you Sarah Kelly and thank you Lotte & Miles of The Prince Albert in Rodborough, Stroud!

Here are some links for you:
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Did you know that the largest ukulele festival outside of Hawaii is the Ukulele Festival of Great Britain which is held in Cheltenham and is now in it's 6th year? Well now you do! See you there! :-D

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