Friday, 7 January 2011

Beyond the Lens - Chasing Rainbows

Written by Tamara Kwan of TammyLynn Photography

I woke up to a lovely rainbow over Stroud Wednesday morning. I was out the door with my camera before I’d had my morning coffee, breakfast or had even gotten dressed! It was such a beautiful bright day that the rainbow seemed out of place. The above photo was one of the last images I captured of the rainbow just as the sky was getting dark and just before the rain came. By this time I was upstairs hanging out my bedroom window. That’s Whiteshill near Stroud you see there in the distance.

I really wanted to capture the whole rainbow in one photo but I didn’t have a wide enough lens. So I took several photos and combined them to make one large photo. Not a stitch up but just the images overlapping, like this:  

There, now you can see how big the rainbow was. And you can just make out the second rainbow. Yep, it’s a “Double Rainbow all the way across the sky!” ... I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist. That’s a reference to a viral video on YouTube that’s been making the rounds. It’s even been turned into a song by the Auto-Tune the News schmoyoho guys. I love their stuff.

These photos were really just quick grab shots. I didn’t set up a tripod and I didn’t put a lot of thought into the settings on my camera. I pushed the dial over to AV priority put the ISO down to 200 and left the aperture set to f7.1 letting the camera do the rest. A lot of the time I take photos just for fun; this was one of those times. J

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