Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day

Peter making Pancakes....the British version. 

Today is Shrove Tuesday here in England. Every year at this time we have "pancakes for tea". Tea as in the evening meal, not the drink. It's the last day before Lent and is the English version of Mardi Gras. Only without all the partying in the streets and no beads. For Christians' Lent is a time to give something up, so this is the last day that you can stuff yourself silly until Easter.

The pancake mix
It's traditional to make pancakes and serve them up with syrup and lemon juice, though there are many other ways to serve them up as well. This is what Peter cooked for us tonight for our supper. It's not pancakes as most of my American family and friends know it, but is a flat almost tortilla looking thing.

In the pan
I took these photos of Peter making his pancakes with him continuously running me out of the kitchen. He didn't want me taking photos of him at work in the kitchen. So these aren't my best photos, but quick snaps while dodging the frying pan. ;-)

The Flip! 
Yes he flipped the pancakes! Wish I'd been ready for that flip, I barely captured it!

Perfect landing
Fresh squeezed lemon juice for the pancakes
Two pancakes
We took the pancakes and spread some Lyle's Golden Syrup on them, squeezed on a bit of lemon on top, then rolled them up and ate them with a knife and fork.

British Pancakes
Our tin of Lyle's Golden Syrup was a bit old and had crystallized a bit. Was still good though, I had three. :-)

Here's a link to my American Pancakes recipe (Not the recipe for the above pancakes) -> http://tammylynnblogs.blogspot.com/2010/06/pancakes.html

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  1. Picture 4 brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Dinner's up!"