Friday, 17 February 2012

Stroud by Night

Yes I've been hanging out my bedroom window again. Can you blame me?! What a view! You can see a lot in this photo too.

Things I can make out in this photograph are:

  • The Stroud and Swindon buildings, old headquarters now empty
  • The Bell Hotel / The Cotswold Canal Trust Visitors Centre
  • Cheapside No 1
  • Stroud Railway Station
  • Merrywalks multi story car park & Cenema
  • Stroud House
  • Imperial Hotel
  • The old Woolworths Building / offices / 99p Store
  • Hill Paul Building
  • Cheapside No 2
  • Stroud Subscription Rooms
  • Stroud Congregational Church
  • The Spire of Saint Lawrence Church
  • Saint Mary's Convent
  • Back of Peacocks
  • Uplands
  • Hawkwoods College
Technicalities on how I captured this image. I used my Canon 5D with a Canon 70-200mm f2.8L lens mounted on a tripod. I shot with a number of different settings and took many photos. The above photo had these camera settings: I shot manual at 70mm, f2.8, ISO 100 for 13 seconds. 

Hill Paul and Stroud Subscription Rooms
This next photograph was taken at the other end of my zoom lens at 200mm. In this photo you can clearly see the Hill Paul Building and the Stroud Subscription Rooms. A bit of the train station too. 

Same set up as before but the camera settings changed a bit. Still shooting in manual mode with these settings: f6.3, ISO 100 for 15 seconds. 

Neither image has been cropped. Both shot with the 70-200mm lens. First photo at 70mm, the second one at 200mm. 

It was a lovely night last Tuesday night when I shot this. I didn't get cold at all, hanging out the window at nearly midnight. :-)


  1. Nice work tamara!!

  2. I love Stroud and you show it off so well.
    Great shots.

  3. Absolutely Stunning. I'm thinking of moving to Stroud....this is sooooo helpful to see it like this. Thanks.