Friday, 4 January 2013

Local Artist, Ralph Boyer

Ralph Boyer, Artist
Today I met a local Stroud artist who currently has an exhibition in The Lockkeeper's Café Bar in Stroud. His name is Ralph Boyer and he paints fantasy type pictures with oil on canvas. His work will be up in the café for the whole month of January 2013 and is well worth a look. I love his work and he kindly agreed to pose by my favourite painting for me today. A lot of his work reminds me of King Arthur and Merlin of which I'm a big fan.

By following the link which I made with his name above you can see a bit more of his work. He told me that next week he will be swapping a few of the images around and bringing in some new ones so I'll be making a few trips down to admire his work. While I'm there I'll probably stop for lunch as well as The Lockkeeper's is one of my favourite lunch stops. I can't recommend them enough. :-)

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