Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Coffee with a Friend

There's not much better in life than coffee with a friend. Or lunch as the case may be. Yesterday I had lunch with a friend in Stroud, today it was coffee with another friend. Well I had coffee, he had a Pepsi. 

Neither occasion was planed more than a few minutes in advance. It's great to have friends like this, I'm very lucky indeed. Both friends are photographers as well and of course we talked about photography. I was the only one who brought a camera along though, neither friend being surprised, I'm rarely seen without my camera. I don't always take photos, I just like having it around. I feel awkwardly naked without it. We talked about more than photography of course, I'm not that obsessed with photography...much.

Top of discussions lately have been what are we going to do with this year. I've made a few resolutions that so far I'm keeping up with. I'm not usually one for resolutions but this year I really want to make a few changes and figured why not start on the 1st. So far so good! Now if I can just stick with it. 

What are these resolutions? All the usual one's I'm afraid. Loose weight, get fit, organize my life. I look back over the past few years and wonder why I didn't do more or better than I did. I'm a bit ashamed really, especially as there is no excuse. I have the time and the resources and I'm not exactly stupid. I can be a bit of a blonde at times, I'll admit to that. And I'm turning into a bit of a grumpy old woman, which I think is funny. 

Let me tell you a little story that happened yesterday while I was waiting for my friend to get to town so that we could go have lunch. I had about an hour to kill so I walked around town and visited all of the charity shops. I'd had enough shopping so I decided to sit on a bench outside Oxfam and dare one of the 'Chuggers' to come speak to me. (For those who don't know, 'Chuggers' are those people who hang about town usually with clipboards trying to talk to everyone about what ever charity they are working for that day. Short for Charity Muggers.) They didn't get a chance to because before long here come my friend around the corner. She asked me what I was doing sitting there. I replied "Practicing to be an old lady". We both laughed, but, I was serious. 

Lunch was at The Lord John in Stroud and was on me. There must have been a lunch special on as our bill only came to just under £10, and yes that included a drink each. Food was great, company was great, we had a lovely time. Then we went shopping! We went to check out the sale at Pure on King Street. I think it was a closing down sale. They've got a lot of cool stuff in there, including some boots that I just loved. I only looked at them though, I didn't buy them. I don't often find shoes that I really like, so today I went back and got them! See image below:

My new boots!
I love my new boots! They were a great price too! :-D

Image information: Both images were taken today with a Canon 5D II and 85mm 1.8 prime lens. Yes the first image is crooked, I like it that way. The second image I used a remote control to fire the camera. As I was using such a shallow DOF I manually set the focus in advance. 

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