Wednesday, 11 January 2012

My Desk

This morning, on twitter, Sean McCormack of Light Room Blog  tweeted: "Is it time for a messy desk competition?" I tweeted back: "@lightroomblog I'd win!" He then taunted me with this tweet: "@TammyLynn_17 Are you brave enough?" Well I wasn't brave enough! But I did finally take a photo of my desk with my phone to see what it would look like to others. I was horrified! So instead of working I wound up cleaning up my desk. I must say, I feel like I've cleared my head and I feel more like getting on with my paperwork that I'm always behind on. :-) 

A few of the things I found on my desk:
4 empty Tic Tac boxes; 3 pair of glasses; 1 pair of sun glasses; 2 pair of earrings; various fossils; A brand new roll of 120 film, lots of memory cards and USB sticks; various photography and camera gadgets; postage stamps, 3 rubber stamps; a digital thermometer; 2 pieces of welding glass; lots of dust; lip balm; several hair bands; various coins from various different places; several pens that don't write; an old photograph of myself; a pedometer that I can't get to work; various business cards; my WWT membership card; 2 perfume sample vials; lots of batteries; stacks of CDs and DVDs, blank and used; lots of paperwork that needs recording and filed; an old Carl Zeiss lens that I turned into a pen holder; a few toys; 3 bottles of vitamins and supplements; clothes pegs; lego; a ruler; a 'Genuine TUIT', round of course; and various other office type stuff and a few things that went straight to the bin. 

Ohhh what the heck, here's a before and after photo of my desk from earlier:

Desk before
And to quickly redeem myself!

Desk after
OK, still a bit junky but it is much better I think. :-) 

What is a 'Genuine TUIT'? I hear you ask? Well when I was growing up my dad had this little round wooden disk and on it was painted 'A Round TUIT'. This disk was cracked. My Dad used to tell everyone that his 'Round TUIT' was cracked, and that's why he hadn't 'Gotten around to it' (what ever it was he was suppose to have done). haha Well somewhere I've got a  perfectly good tin 'Round TUIT' plate, but I lost it. That's why I've not gotten 'A Round To It' yet. Well that is until I found these cute little coasters. I had a whole set but they've slowly disappeared over the years. Found this one on my desk today. Guess I don't have an excuse anymore. 

A Round TUIT
I also found this old photograph of myself, not sure how it wound up on my desk or where the other photographs that go with it are. This is me quite a few years ago. Taken with my Canon AE-1 SLR camera on a tripod using it's timer. Yes I took a photograph of myself. Not sure of the year, must have been around 1985, give or take a year or two. 

Me in the 80's
This next photo I did not take today, I dug it out of my archives to show off my Carl Zeiss Lens pen holder, which I made using an old broken Carl Zeiss lens. In this photo you can see the bits left over after I took the lens apart and put it back together. You know there's bits always left over. :-)

Carl Zeiss Lens
Probably the oddest thing on my desk was the welding glass, both pieces. I bought those dark pieces of glass to make a filter for the front of my lenses to give me the ability to do really long exposures during the day light hours. One day I will try this out. When I get 'A Round To It' that is. ;-)

Photography information: The photographs of my desk, before and after, were taken with my htc Wildfire phone. The photographs of the Round TUIT and old photograph were taken with a Canon 5D II with a 85mm 1.8 lens. The Photograph of the Carl Zeis lens was taken with a Canon 5D II with a 50mm 1.4 lens. 

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