Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Let's go for a walk.

On Monday 2nd January my husband and I went on a little walk about. We grabbed our cameras and some shopping bags and headed out the door. Just a block over from our house in Stroud, we spotted this beauty:
Vintage Volkswagen Van
We both love these old vans. This one looks in great condition too. I was a bit surprised when I looked at this photo later on the computer....as it looks like a black and white photo! But if you look closely you can see that it is in colour. No, I did not alter the colour or desaturate the photo in any way. The grey overcast day along with the colour of the van gives the impression of a mono image here. I quite like it. 

Later when we were walking through Lodgemore we came upon something very unexpected! This was quite out of place:
Of course we had to go investigate. Here's a few more photos of it:

My husband Peter with his camera. 
 If anyone reading this knows anything about this plane please do share in the comments below. Thank you.

Update on the plane:  Tom Radford (@tcr4x4 on twitter) Found the history of this plane here: http://www.fradu-hunters.co.uk/fraduhnt/864xe689.html
How cool is that?! 

After we tore ourselves away from the plane we headed towards Sainsbury's, the reason for bringing along some shopping bags. Along the way we came upon one of the biggest, if not the biggest, eyesore in the Stroud area. Tricorn House.
Tricorn House, Cainscross, Stroud
Everyone I've ever spoke to about it wishes they'd just tear it down. Every couple years or so you hear about plans to turn it into something or hear of some company or person buying it and so on. The last thing I heard about it recently was to turn it into a retirement community. I thought this was totally nuts! A retirement community with no gardens and right on a busy loud round-a-bout?! Who'e want to retire there? I sure wouldn't want any of my folks living there.

Before they tear it down or what ever they are going to do with it, I'd like to get permission to roam around inside with my camera. Of course lots of people have already had a roam around inside and some I hear have even taken up residence. Here's a photo showing one of the ways they get in:
Tricorn House, one entrance. 
Tricorn house is not the only eyesore in the area, we spotted this burned out building on our walk home:

A closer look at what's on the floor:
We did not go inside this building, I took these photos from outside the door. 

I hate to end on a negative note/image, but this was pretty much the end of our walk. After this building we did walk along the bike / foot path, which is always quite lovely. It was getting quite dark by that time and I didn't take any more photos. Maybe next time. :-)


  1. Update on the plane

    Tom Radford (@tcr4x4 on twitter) Found the history of this plane here: http://www.fradu-hunters.co.uk/fraduhnt/864xe689.html


  2. Thanks for sharing photos from your walk! The airplane!? It is amazing what one can see just by simply walking around.

    1. You're welcome Scott, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. :-)

      Just had a peak at one of your blogs, I see we're from the same neck of the woods. Well, the same State any ways. ;-)

      Happy walking!