Monday, 14 May 2012

Motorcycle Practice, Cyclist & Ice Cream by the Canal

Me, right after I received my CBT certificate in April 2011
What a gorgeous Sunday we've had. I started my day off with motorbike manoeuvres. Met up with some friends and we practised for our motorcycle tests coming up. I've got my Theory test this Thursday! I've been practising for that too. Wish me luck! Vroom Vroom! ;-)
Fraser's of Gloucester
You might ask, why is this mad woman taking a motorcycle test at her age. Well I'll tell you. Back in my early 20's I had a motorcycle licence and a lovely Honda Helix 250. The bike was way bigger than me back then and I don't remember being afraid to ride it. Actually I really enjoyed riding it. I only gave it up because it wasn't practical for carrying babies around on.
Me on my Honda Helix back in the late 1980's 
Well, the guys at Fraser's of Gloucester heard about my past on a bike and decided to tempt me back on one. They like a good challenge these guys. So they nudged me in the direction to get my CBT which I did through Motag. My instructor was fantastic and very patient with me, he had me riding in no time at all! Thank you Mr. Orton. :-)
The Suzuki Burgman I'm currently ridding from Fraser's of Gloucester
This is the bike I've been riding around, you may have spotted me on it or seen the bike parked somewhere. I love riding this bike, it's sooo much easier to park than the big Volkswagen Passat we have. Lots more fun to ride as well. Not to mention  much more economical. Vroom Vroom!
Suziki Burgman
One of the main features that I love about this bike is the big trunk space, plenty of room for lots of camera gear. :-D Once I pass my test we are getting a bit bigger bike. My husband has a motorcycle licence and he wants to ride it too....he can't be seen on a smaller bike. ;-)

After our manoeuvres practice I scootered down to Waitrose in Stroud to pick up some lunch and then across to the London Road Car park where The Stonehouse Wheelers cycle club were gathering for their Sunday ride.  The push bike kind of cycles not the motorbike kind. I used to be a regular rider with this group, was even their Honourable Secretary for a while, but then I got busy with photography. I must get back on my bike this summer. I must, I must, I must!

As I had the wrong kind of bike, I wished them well on their cycle ride around the country side and said I'd meet with them later at their tea stop. Which I did, later, walking down the hill to meet with them.

Stonehouse Wheelers Cycling Club arrive at The LockKeeper's Café
This past Sunday the Stonehouse Wheeler's Cycling club had their tea stop at the LockKeeper's Café in Stroud. What a beautiful day to sit down by the canal with a cup of tea and a cake after a long ride around our beautiful country side.
Stonehouse Wheelers enjoying their tea & cake by the canal in Stroud. 
This is a new tea stop for cycle club, they are always on the look out for great tea stops for their Sunday rides. I heard a lot of good comments about this tea stop and how much everyone enjoyed it and how nice everyone was at the LockKeeper's and how grateful they were that the Café was open for them. This just might become a regular stop for them. If the Stonehouse Wheelers gives a café a thumbs up then you know it's got to be good, as they are serious about their tea stops.
Daphne, Olympic Torch Bearer and avid cyclist. (That's my husband Peter on the right)
Daphne Edwards, an active member of the Stonehouse Wheelers and secretary of the Stroud Valleys Cycling Club, joined the group for a bit of tea and cake out in the lovely sunshine down by the canal. You may have heard about Daphne and her honour of being one of the Olympic Torch Bearers for our area. She's definitely one of the coolest grandma's around!
Winstones Cotswold Ice Cream by the Canal
The LockKeeper's Café sell my favourite ice cream, Winstones Cotswold Ice Cream, nom nom nom. Of course I couldn't resist having some out in the sunshine down by the canal. :-D
Canal Locks in Stroud
Tea by the Canal in Stroud
After the cyclist departed on their way I had a lovely walk up the hill back home with my husband, him pushing his bike. Well it is a push bike. :-p 

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