Friday, 11 May 2012

Stroud's Trader of the Year

My favoute café has won Stroud Town Council's Annual Award for Trader of the Year! I'm very excited for Wendy, she's worked very hard building, setting up and running The LockKeeper's Café.
Wendy Townsend
Wendy Townsend and The LockKeeper's Café are truly an asset to Stroud, and I'm so lucky that I live near by! Everyone at the LockKeeper's is very friendly and helpful. It's a wonderful atmosphere, even when I turn up on my lonely. Like today! I usually run into someone I know, and today was no exception. :-)
Trader of the Year 2012, Wendy Townsend of LockKeeper's Café
While I was visiting today, delivering some prints to Wendy from a recent family shoot, BBC Gloucestershire phoned Wendy for a phone interview for the radio.
Wendy on the phone with BBC Gloucestershire
If you haven't been to check out the LockKeeper's Café then you need to get around there, you won't be disappointed. It's a great place for lunch or to sit and natter with friends over a cup. If you have been then you know what I'm talking about and you are most likely already a regular customer. 
The Friday Forum at the LockKeeper's Café
One group of regular customers meet on Friday's between 10:30am and 3pm for the local Friday Forum. It's a group of local business people, mostly self employed and/or running their own business, who meet regularly for a bit of social networking and general good company. Probably 'social networking' is the wrong word, as it's very causal and friendly. Anyone is welcome to join us, so come on down and say Hi! You'll find us in the back. ;-)
Lunch at the LockKeeper's
 Someone now and then asks me where this café is. It's tucked away around behind the old Bell Hotel next to the canal. Walking distance from Stroud town centre and the train station. Parking in town or just past the train station on the other side of the Hill Paul building. If you live nearby like I do then you're with in walking distance. :-D
The LockKeeper's Café (middle), The Bell Hotel (left), Hill Paul building (top middle)
LockKeeper's Café by the canal
After you've had a spot of lunch at the café you can explore up and down the canal, then come back to the LockKeepers for a spot of tea. It's a win win situation. :-D I'm looking forward to it warming up and sitting outside on the picnic tables. Life is good. ;-)

Congratulations to Wendy and her crew at the LockKeeper's Café! A well deserved award.

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