Thursday, 24 May 2012

Olympic Torch Relay through Stroud

Bunting over Stroud
Wow! What a day! I have never seen so many people in Stroud before! I heard several people say this as well. It was packed with people all through the Olympic Torch Relay route through Stroud. It was amazing!
Crowds awaiting the Torch around Stroud's Four Clocks
Sadly, besides the Olympic Torch Relay, not a lot was happening in Stroud. The hype was to get to town early as there was lots of things happening before the torch arrived. I got there early and walked around. I couldn't find much of anything happening except lots and lots of people wondering around town. Well outside the Sub Rooms there was a little bit of entertainment.
Entertainment outside Stroud Subscription Rooms
That aside, I really enjoyed walking around town talking to people and taking photographs. There was a lot of energy in the air and lots of things to photograph :-)
Bunting Flags on fence along Rowcroft road in Stroud
One of the banners around Stroud
My secret location for photographing the Olympic Torch Relay. 
Last week I went for a walk around Stroud looking for a good place to photograph the Olympic Torch Relay from. I found what I thought was in ideal location and I requested permission from the business which occupied the location. The manager was eager to give me permission but she had to seek permission from an higher authority. Come the day before the Relay was to come to Stroud I still hadn't received word if I had permission or not. So I found a second location and asked the owner if I may shoot from his upstairs window and was given permission on the spot! Thank you Hussein of FIFTEEN Café Bistro in Stroud. This turned out to be a better spot than I'd originally staked out. :-D  Plus they do lunch! I had a lovely lunch there while I was waiting for everything to kick off. They had plenty of cold drinks to help me cool off in the lovely hot weather too. Thank you FIFTEEN!
Seen on business door in Stroud
This image of a door in town amused me. Love the No Smoking sign next to the torch. :-D
A couple of famous faces spotted in Stroud
This so needs to be part of a Caption Competition :-D 
Friends of mine looking for parking. Hi Annie! 
Our local roaming reporter Carl Hewlett
It's Annie again! With her niece. Annie is the lady in charge of all those lovely old photos you see around Stroud. 
Here are a few more of my favourite images from the day.

Daphne Edwards, Olympic Torch Bearer 

Daphne is an active member of the Stonehouse Wheelers Cycling Club and the current secretary of the Stroud Valleys Cycling Club. This reminds me, I need to get back out on my push bike! Vroom Vroom?
See this little fellah? He's attached to the George Holloway statue below. 
 If I was young and in top shape, I'd climb up there and cut him down....then photograph him all over town and take him on adventures. Now who's going to steal my idea? :-D
George Holloway statue in Stroud

LockKeeper's Café after the Olympic Torch Relay through Stroud
The end of another great day in Stroud. Thanks to everyone who made it possible. It was great seeing everyone!

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As I see and find more galleries and videos I'll post them here, so check back for updates. :-)

Please also feel free to post other links to other Olympic galleries and video. Thank you!

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