Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Olympic Torch coming to Stroud

Olympic banners in Stroud, Gloucestershire
Tomorrow the Olympic Torch will be coming to Stroud. I'm looking forward to it as a cycling friend of mine is one of the torch bearers and I think I've got a prime spot for photographing her coming through town all sorted out. I sorted out the permissions today so I'm hoping it will all go smoothly tomorrow.

Olympic banners in Stroud
 There's Olympic bunting and flags and banners all over Stroud this week, ready for the torch bearers to come though. The town as a whole is looking quite festive. Wish I'd taken more photos now, but I'll make up for it tomorrow.

There is one stretch of the Stroud Olympic Torch route that I am worried about though and hope someone cleans it up before tomorrow afternoon.

Unsightly bird droppings under the rail bridge on Rowcroft road in Stroud
Yep you guessed it, the unsightly bird droppings under the rail bridge on Rowcroft road. Not just on the pavement but all over the road as well, which you can clearly see in the image above (taken earlier today). When ever I walk to town I have to walk through this and it's not a very pleasant experience. In all the years I've lived here and of all the hundreds of times I've walked under this bridge I've only ever been pooped on once...but that was once too many for me. That said, I still walk this way.

I'm looking forward to photographing the Olympic Torch Relay through Stroud tomorrow, in my secret location. I'll also be photographing the Olympic Torch Relay through Gloucester on Thursday morning as well. Got my spot all sorted for that too. ;-)

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