Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Carols and a Photo Competiton

Last night was practice for the up coming annual Cycle Carol Service in Cam. Peter is playing the organ this year with Nicki accompanying him on her trumpet and Sue leading the chorus and singing a solo. They came over last night to practice and it was great fun. Mark also came by and stayed for the singing and my daughter couldn't resist joining in as well. She even got her drum kit out and played along. I can't sing so I provided the cakes and mulled wine and coffee for everyone. Was loads of fun, we should do this more often. :-D

This Saturday I'm going to a Visions of Light Seminar with Andy Rouse at Slimbridge WWT. Should be very interesting and loads of fun so I'm looking forward to it. Before the day there is a photo competition we can enter with the winner being announced on the day. Today was the last day to enter and I really struggled with finding an entry. The topic was 'Visions of Light' so the main subject had to be light. It also had to be a photo with very little done to it, no fancy editing in other words. I wanted to take a fresh photo for this but the weather and my spare time did not cooperate, so I wound up trudging through past photos and came up with this one.

You can see it larger on my flickr page by clicking HERE. It was really late last night when I entered it and this morning I'm thinking why?!! I wish I kept looking a bit further. It's a nice photo of a rainbow, but it doesn't say WoW to me. So it most likely won't say WoW to the judge either, especially with all the other great awe inspiring photos that have been entered so far. Oh well, it's just a bit of fun. I'm still looking forward to the seminar. :-)

Hey got our first Christmas Card today!!! All the way from Texas to Stroud England! :-D But now I feel bad because I've not got our Christmas cards sorted yet! I'd better get on that ASAP! But first I've got a bunch of other things to get done today so I'd better get to it. Laterz! :-D

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