Saturday, 27 December 2008

The Christmas Holidays

December 20th - 27th 2008

The Christmas Holidays! YaY! YaY because we got to have my daughter Sarah for two weeks! Sadly we all took turns being sick during her visit...and we are still taking turns! That aside we really enjoyed being around each other and I couldn't get enough of my baby girls. Well I geuss they aren't babies anymore at the ages of 16 and 18, but they always will be to me. The only real bad part was that I didn't take many photos, so unlike me!

Sarah arrived from the States sick, bless her heart she gets sick so easily. She passed it on to me and Alyssa got it towards the end. Sarah spent a lot of her first two days here in bed, bless her heart. Part of that time I took Alyssa Christmas shopping, I so hated leaving Sarah at home but she really only wanted to stay in bed and sleep, and I didn't blame her. Wish now I'd said to heck with Christmas shopping, I'm staying in bed with Sarah! :-D

One day when Alyssa was working and Sarah was feeling good, I took Sarah shopping and to meet some friends of mine in Gloucester. Damon and Jen run an animal rescue and dog walking service and we met them in the park. Sarah absolutely loved playing with the dogs and we all had a good time. Here are a couple of photos from that day that I took of my lovely daughter Sarah.

Not sure if I like the Colour version or the Mono version of this photo, I think I'm leaning more towards the Colour version.
Definately liked the Mono version of the photo below so I only posted the one.
Sarah absolutely loves animals and really enjoyed herself with the dogs. We had lots of shopping planned but Sarah was having such a good time that I just let her have fun. I was really enjoying watching her as well. :-)

Just before Christmas I decided to show off some kick boxing moves that I had learned years and years ago. Unfortunately I'm not as young as I used to be and my body let me know it the next morning! I spent the rest of the Christmas holidays with quite a bit of pain in my shoulder. I didn't let it totally ruin things though and I was determined for everyone to have a good time. I still managed to cook a huge Christmas meal with the girls help and we all still had a lovely time. I just didn't take any photos, which I'm sure everyone was actually happy about! :-D I did manage one batch of Christmas fudge, which didn't last long! But I didn't manage any of my Christmas Divinity this year. I was just too busy enjoying my family. :-)

This year for the Christmas Crackers we got the kind that you filled up yourself, and I had fun finding little gifts to fit inside for everyone. Those were the best crackers we've ever had! We must do this again next year! :-D

My highlights for Christmas day were....watching the girls open their presents. I love making them smile. The presents weren't much, just cheap stuff as I didn't have much to spend on them, but their faces just lit up and they were full of hugs for me. Their best present came from Peter who gave them each an £80 clothes shopping spree! That was just as much a gift for me as well as them as I like nothing better than taking the girls clothes shopping! :-D He did say there was a condition that went along with this shopping spree though, and that was that we didn't make him go with us!! :-D

My Mom and Dad sent us each a lovely sweater and lots of our favourite chocolate treats from the States that we can't get over here. These included Turtles, Butterfingers, Chocolate Covered Cherries and Kisses! Thank You Thank You Mom and Dad!! XOXOXOXOXOX

Peter got a new bike helmet, a Dr. Who poster and a coffee maker from the girls. Lots of lego, a fun new aprin, magnetic spice rack...and I can't remember what else.... a bunch of little stuff from me. :-D

Sarah got me some books from one of my favourite Authors and a lovely new bike helmet and Alyssa got me a much needed tripod bag. I wasn't expecting much from Peter as I thought we had decieded not to spend much on Christmas presents for each other, and we usualy don't anyway. So when I opened my present from him, I started crying before I fully unwrapped it. He got me a new flash gun for my Olympus camera, the FL-50R. He couldn't have gotten me a better gift or suprised me any more. He just totaly blew me away. He's good at doing that. ;-)

We spent the rest of the holidays just enjoying each other, watching movies and playing games at the dinning table. I wish it all didn't have to end.

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