Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Must Try Harder :-D

I'd really like to make a go at this blog thing and have it be apart of my website. I must try harder. :-D

The thing is I have so much on my plate right now, and I make it worse by avoiding things. I guess you could say I'm making it worse now by typing this. Or maybe it's just because I know I do my best work under pressure. Or maybe it's just because I've got Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and I'm easily side tracked. :-D <---I also type way too many of these! I've deleted 3 or 4 since I started typing this. You'd think I was some over enthusiastic teenage cheerleader or something. :-D

What am I up to today? Let's see...
  • Tonight we have friends from the cycle clubs coming around to sing carols around the organ. It's a warm up for this Sunday's Annual Cycle Club Service where Cycle Clubs from all over the region gather for this event. Peter, my husband, will be playing the organ again this year for this. I usually sit with him and help count verses and pull a few stops for him. Mainly it's an excuse for me not to have to sing. Trust me, you don't want to hear me sing. :-D Anyway, tonight people are coming around so I must tidy up the house and go shopping because they will want tea and coffee and mulled wine and cakes and so on. I actually enjoy all this and love it when people come around. Peter enjoys it too as the house gets cleaned up. :-D
  • I've got some Wheelers business to take care of. I'm the secretary of the Stonehouse Wheelers Cycle Club, in case you didn't know or didn't remember. I've got to get some stuff in the post for them and errands to run as well.
  • I've got a deadline to meet for a Photographic Competition. This one is part of Andy Rouse's 'Visions of Light' seminar that I'm attending next Sunday. I'm really excited about it and looking forward to it. I've got one more day to enter something in the competition. Hopefully I'll have something to enter before I go to bed tonight. Wish me luck!
  • I've also got to get ready for Thursday's Stroud Camera Club meeting. It's their annual Christmas gathering and I've got to bring a cake and get some images ready to enter in a fun competition. Probably some other stuff too that I can't think of right now.
  • TAXES!!! **deep breaths now** I will do my taxes; I will do my taxes...soon. I promise.
  • Stonehouse Wheelers Calendars...I must make some more for tonight. Malcolm, our Runs Secretary designs the calendars, using photos submitted to him by the club, and me and Peter produce them. Peter is responsible for printing and I'm responsible for binding them. YaY fun! :-D This year Peter and I were the only ones who turned in any photos. Poor Malcolm.

Well my coffee is cold now, time to nuke it and get some work done. **looks outside** Darn it's another grey day. I was hoping to take a walk down to the river and maybe get some lovely shots of the sunlight coming through the trees and reflecting on the water for my 'Visions of Light' photo. Guess I'll be looking through my archives tonight.

Now, where did I hide the envelopes?

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