Monday, 15 December 2008

Mag request & Chirstmas Cheer

Today I was asked to write an itsy bitsy teeny little piece for a magazine on my involvement with the BBC Gloucestershire 24 Hour Project. Well first Chris from the BBC contacted me and said that he'd been contacted by this magazine about the project and that they wanted to do a piece on it. He asked if I might be interested in having the magazine contact me. I said sure and then they did. How cool is that?!! :-D So I wrote a little piece and sent them some screen shots and offered the originals. All of this is in relation to a new Camera Club section in the mag. I've not heard back but Should be out first of the year. I'll keep you posted on the publication. ;-)

Here is another screen shot from the BBC Gloucestershire 24 Hour Project


I made this Christmas greeting for everyone today, even trying to make cards out of it. I took the photos in a local church in Stroud. I hope everyone has a lovely Holiday with family and friends.

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