Friday, 12 December 2008

Photo Shoot with Lorca Simons

Today I had a fantastic time on a photo shoot with Lorca Simons. She's an actress living here in the Gloucestershire area and she's from Texas! :-D It's nice to have an American friend living near by. Anyway, I went to her house today and took all my studio equipment and we had a photo shoot. We had lots of fun and I think it went pretty well, but of course I thought of lots of ways I wish I'd asked her to pose after I got back home. Oh well, save it for next time. :-) Here are a few of my favourite shots from today of Lorca:

I really enjoyed this photos shoot with Lorca and I hope she will do another one with me again soon. I need more practice talking with and encouraging models in front of my camera. :-)

For the photographers out there this shoot was done with two studio lights, a reflector and natural light through a window. I set one light with a light box in front of her and slightly to my left. The other light, in the back and to my right, I aimed close to the ceiling near the back wall so that the light would bounce onto the back of her head and separate her from the background. I know a snoot would be better but I don't have one and this worked fine I think. There was a large window to my left so I placed a large silver reflector to my right and down low aiming the natural light towards Lorca. The black background is a large piece of black velvet and the white/grayish background is Lorca's bright white walls. I used a light meter to adjust the lighting to around an f stop of around 8. I say around 8 because I changed it a couple of times. With this set up I had to do very little post processing on the photos which saves me loads of time. It's so much better getting it right in the camera. :-)

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