Thursday, 4 December 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Look at me!!! Typing in my blog for the third day in a row! :-D

Anyone else thinking about next year already? I am. What am I going to do next year? What do I want to do differently next year? What do I want to accomplish? What do I want to change about myself? So many things to think about. Lord knows there's lots to improve upon! So many things to do! Could be an exciting year. :-D <---there I go again, with those dang smiley faces. :-D

New Year's Resolution in progress...
  1. Must not be late any more! I'm always late. I think it's in my genes. :-p
  2. Must loose weight. I really must. Not because I'm vain, but because I want to be healthy and mobile. I'm no spring chicken anymore! :-)
  3. Must finish projects that I start. I've got several in the works now.
  4. Must work on Photography Portfolio. Maybe even make a book of my work. That would be cool to have.
  5. Must work on new Tutorials for my Tutorial pages. I've only made one and from that received several request for more! So I'd really like to do more. I really enjoyed making it.
  6. Must get out with my camera more.
  7. Must get out with both cycle clubs more, would help with number 2 above. :-D
  8. Must do more with my photographs.
  9. Must work on this list later, work to get done today!

Stroud Camera Club Christmas Social tonight, and I'm baking a cake for it. I have some photographs to get ready for the club for upcoming competitions that need to be turned in tonight. I'm sure there is lots of other stuff I need to do as well, better go find out what they are. :-D

Until next time...

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