Thursday, 11 December 2008

More Glos 24 & Carols at Teckels

This morning I got up and took one last photo for the Gloucestershire 24 project. It ended at 8am this morning. Here is a screen shot of my last image up on the BBC website:

I had the radio on this morning listening to the local radio station, BBC Radio Gloucestershire, and I heard them say that later they were going to talk to Chris about the 24 Gloucestershire Hours project, so I tuned in. What did I hear? Well it started off like this: "Chris Sandy's here from BBC's Gloucestershires website to tell us more, hello Chris." "Yes I am here to tell you more, I'm here to tell you about Tammy from Rodborough in Stroud. Because she was one of our devoted online users yesterday who literally played the game 100% and sent in a picture every hour that she was awake." I was stunned to hear my name! WoW! They talked about the project for a minute then continued talking about the shots I sent in. They talked about every one of them and followed my day. :-D You can listen to it for the next few days on the BBC Gloucestershire's Click of the Day webpage here: Wednesday 10th December and looking for the 'listen: 24 >' link. Here is a screen shot of the page:

How cool is that?! I'm Click of the Day! :-D (Yes that's a photo of me up there!)I have a copy of the radio program that my husband Peter copied while at work. I'll try and put that on the web somewhere to listen to when the link above becomes inactive.


In the evening was Teckels Animal Sanctuaries Annual Christmas Fair. Damon Cannard Pet Photographer and Jenny Cole both of Noah's Ark Pet Care and Animal Rescue said Teckels were in need of carollers so I volunteered to round up a few carollers for the event again this year. I put the word out but wasn't able to round up many and the people that did say they'd come all backed out at the last minute. So kudos go to my daughter Alyssa and her friend Merry for putting together some songs and music for the event and getting up there and singing for everyone. Way to go girls! I even heard they gave Santa a personal serenade of 'Santa Baby'!! Oh man wish I'd seen that!! Peter also came along and brought his keyboard and played a few Christmas tunes for us. We all had lots of fun, even though we were nearly frozen solid by the end of it! :-D

Above is Alyssa and Merry singing Christmas Carols with Peter in the background on his keyboard.

Above is Jenny and Damon with Noah's Ark Pet Care and Animal Rescue. Beautiful people with big hearts.

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