Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Happy Birthday Peter Baby!

Today was my husband Peter's birthday. We celebrated by going to a local pub for lunch together. I then surprised him with a card, present and a cake after work. What I got him was a very nice radio controlled helicopter. Yes he's just a big kid at heart. :-)

Wish I'd thought to get my camera out earlier when he was flying it. Well attempting to fly it. It's quite a complicated thing and he's going to have to practice lots and lots. Should keep him out of trouble for a while. :-D Anyway, wish I'd photographed him with it in the air. He's run the battery down now so it's busy charging. I'll try to get a shot of it and him tomorrow and post it.

A good bit of the time that he was practicing with it I was out playing Taxi with Alyssa and two of her friends. They've started up a band and need transportation to and from each other's houses for practice. It's quite difficult with all the instruments and amps and kit they all have. They have their first gig this Saturday and I'm going to miss it!!! They promise to video record it though so I'm looking forward to seeing that. Peter and I will be traveling to London to pick up Sarah from the airport. She doesn't land until o-dark-thirty Sunday morning but we need to travel up the day before to make the trip easier and we thought we'd get some Christmas shopping in along the way.

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